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Borehamwood’s HOWND On Your Dog’s Diet

How Borehamwood’s HOWND are changing the way we think about dog food – and saving the planet while they go about it

The last decade or so has seen a real shift in the food industry in the UK, with many vegan restaurants popping up across Hertfordshire and beyond – and, it seems, this is extending to pet food too. Contrary to popular belief that dogs are obligate carnivores, they are actually omnivores and can therefore not only survive, but thrive on a plant-based diet.

It’s something HOWND, based in Borehamwood, know only too well as they have launched their Plant Powered Superfood. It is a balanced blend of highly digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates and essential nutrients, which are as nutritionally complete as any premium meat-based dog food, but minus the potential toxins, hormones and antibiotics often associated with such diets. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, making it a fantastic alternative for four-legged allergy sufferers, and at a time when pet obesity is rife, dog owners will be pleased to know it’s low in fat too.

Mark Hirschel Jo Amit Founders Of Hownd
Mark Hirschel & Jo Amit, founders of Hownd

The new launch is a natural progression for HOWND, which was co-founded by Jo Amit and Mark Hirschel. “Everything we do at HOWND is rooted in maintaining optimal health in dogs while doing as little harm to the planet as possible,” explains Amit. “We are animal lovers making compassionate products and we are excited about joining the pet food space as a healthy and ethical option for dogs at a time when a microscope is being placed on ingredients and brands more than ever. We have also witnessed a huge increase in consumer awareness of the planet’s fragility and how we can protect it. As our dogs are effectively consumers too, it makes sense that we look at their lifestyle and habits when making efforts to reduce our overall carbon footprint.”

It’s an approach that has been warmly received by those in the public spotlight. Dr Marc Abraham – or ‘Marc the Vet’ as the broadcaster, author, animal welfare campaigner is popularly referred to – says: “One of the most important things to think about when feeding your dog is always making sure they’re receiving the correct, required nutritional balance, and extensive research has shown that it is absolutely possible for our canine companions to thrive on a meat-free diet – whether flexitarian or fully plant-based. The team behind HOWND have a complete understanding of how to provide this high-quality nutrition, as well as having a strong ethos around animal welfare, which is why I, as a vet and animal welfare campaigner, wholeheartedly recommend their complete plant-based food for dogs.”

With the new range launching with the rather tasty sounding Hearty Quinoa & Pumpkin Casserole recipe, it appears that dogs are now taking the lead when it comes to preserving the planet.

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