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Lindar Media: A St Albans Company Revamping Online Casino

We take a closer look at Lindar Media, based in St Albans, who challenging the big names in the online gambling industry

The online gambling industry is thriving. Thanks to mobile phones and fast internet connections, UK players are now no more than just a few touches away from being able to play their favourite slots and games. The industry has traditionally been dominated by a handful of big names – such as William Hill, Betfair, and 888. But in recent years, a company from St Albans – Lindar Media – has been hitting the iGaming headlines for good reason.

In 2018, Lindar Media founded MrQ. No one paid too much attention at first, as new gambling sites frequently come and go. However, MrQ has become one of the most popular gaming sites in the UK – scooping many awards and challenging the traditional big names. With the help of Casino Professor, which specialises in online casino reviews in the UK, we’re going to take a look at how Lindar Media managed to challenge the top dogs in the online gambling world.

The history of Lindar Media Ltd

St Albans, Hertfordshire was the birthplace of Lindar Media Ltd in 2014. The company ran on many fronts to begin with, such as creating a variety of bingo websites, founding affiliate programs, and developing software solutions for other marketing companies. Many of these websites relied on the technology of others. For example, their early bingo sites were powered by 888’s Dragonfish technology. So they decided to build a new website entirely from scratch. This would enable them to customise all the features exactly how they wanted.

The result was, which launched in 2018. And the response was immediate. The site scooped the EGR Rising Stars Award in 2019, almost exactly a year after it went live. This was followed by the even more prestigious EGR Slot Operator of the Year Award in 2021.


Lindar Media now focusses almost exclusively on developing MrQ, with constant improvements and upgrades, along with dedicated advertising within the UK.

Why is MrQ Casino so popular?

To better understand why MrQ was able to make such an impact, we spoke with Casino Professor who have written an in-depth MrQ Casino review for their readers. They said it essentially boils down to the experience – which is easy, fun, and fair.

Fairness is one of the most important factors of MrQ’s success. Whenever a player wins, they will always be given cash straight up. Most online casinos don’t do this. They give bonus money instead, which is notoriously difficult to convert into real money. But at MrQ, players can always celebrate any wins as proper wins – which is a much more enjoyable experience.

They’ve also looked specifically at what UK players want in an online casino, including:

  • PayPal deposits and withdrawals – which are very popular with British players.
  • Fast average withdrawal times – so players get access to any winnings quickly.
  • Regular promotions for existing players – with wins always paid as cash.

Finally, you can already see a variety of important upgrades over the website’s short history. For example, the product was launched predominantly as a bingo site back in 2018 – with just a handful of slots and casino games available. These days, slots and casino games have become a huge part of their popularity – so they put a lot of attention on improving their selection of games by partnering with new and exciting game providers. They also launched a live casino offering in August 2021 which added a new element of entertainment for players to enjoy.

Why is it only available in the UK?

Perhaps one of the strangest things is why such a successful UK brand hasn’t branched out into other markets. That’s because, at the time of writing, is only available for residents of Great Britain. This has nothing to do with Lindar Media’s base either. They are free to apply for and operate under licences from foreign countries using their St Albans address.

Perhaps they don’t deem other markets to be as attractive as the UK. Or maybe they feel their ability to develop and upgrade the site would be compromised if they focussed their attention elsewhere. Whatever the reason, it’s probably unlikely to change. Having launched in 2018, it’s highly likely that Lindar Media would have made a move elsewhere by now if they were going to.

Will we see more Lindar Media casinos in the future?

This is another question mark. We know they’ve operated other gambling sites in the past. But since 2018, they’ve pretty much worked on MrQ exclusively with no mention of any other projects.

Another telltale sign is that is the only site listed on Lindar Media’s UK Gambling Commission licence at the time of writing. If they were to release another online casino in the UK in future then it would need to be listed here. That’s because all legal British gambling websites need to be listed under a UK Gambling Commission licence. But as of now, there’s been no addition yet.

One thing’s for sure, if they did decide to release any more sites in future, they have a pretty solid blueprint for success.

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