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Style Secrets From The World Of Jewellery By Baker Brothers Diamonds

Sisters Lizzie McAuley and Rebecca Church, directors of Baker Brothers Diamonds, reveal the latest jewellery trends you’ll want to wear with stylish solutions to update your look (by Amanda O’Hare)

When it comes to the latest looks and top trends, stylish sisters Lizzie McAuley and Rebecca Church are the ones to go to for style secrets from the world of jewellery and desirable diamonds.

For fashionistas looking to emulate the latest on-trend looks, layering necklaces at different lengths is all the rage and anything goes when it comes to mixing and matching your stunning silvers or gorgeous golds. There are no rules when it comes to getting the latest look by layering fine chain necklaces like celebrities Cara Delevingne and Holly Willoughby.

Whether you want to enhance your leaving lockdown latest look or are planning to pack for that longed for staycation, jewellery adds those essential finishing touches. Selecting stylish accessories can also help elevate your look taking you from day to night, from (home) office to drinks with friends (finally!).

Layered Necklaces
Layering necklaces is all the rage

Jewellery and diamond experts McAuley and Church reveal how you can revitalise your style with some exclusive, elegant, eclectic touches. Their bespoke boutique Baker Brothers Diamonds specialises in creative collections from distinctive designers including signature styles from BBC television’s All That Glitters judge and award-winning jewellery designer Shaun Leane, alongside luxury brands including Fope, Georg Jensen and Marco Bicego.

“The big trend is wearing a layered number of necklaces,” McAuley confirms. “This could be something quite short to the throat then three longer chains cascading down. Another key look is wearing several different bracelets all together, which don’t have to match. The latest look is about wearing different jewellery pieces together that reflect your personality.”

Wearing different golds together is another popular look. The trend, influenced by our fashion-forward, elegant European cousins, sees us Brits catching up in the style stakes. “Yellow gold is coming back in a big way,” Church adds. “What we’re increasingly seeing is women wearing all the colours of gold together, something the Italians and French have always done. Whereas the reserved British think they must wear all platinum, white gold, or only yellow gold together. Now we are evolving in our tastes and being more European wearing all these different colours of gold. You don’t have to wear all your jewellery in one colour.

“It’s fabulous gold’s making a comeback,” she continues. “We’re seeing women who have platinum engagement rings and wedding rings, but they will wear a pair of big yellow gold earrings or a yellow gold chain or gold pendants. We are seeing much more of gold being mixed in with platinum and white gold jewellery.”

Diamond style trends reflect what’s popular alongside which diamonds never go out of fashion. What celebrities are currently wearing can influence diamond cut choices with the princess, marquise, square and cushion cut making regular reappearances in the diamond desirability stakes.  

The layering trend extends to other jewellery elements

Diamond buyer McAuley revealed pear and oval cuts proved particularly popular in recent months, however none of them can outshine the round brilliant. “The timeless round brilliant diamond is still the favourite and will always outshine the others when it comes to the cut as you get the most sparkle out of it,” she adds.

“Diamond stud earrings, including single stone, halo and flower designs continue to prove popular and another fashion-forward trend is for fine, diamond set thumb rings, which are also being worn on the first finger.”

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