Meet The Best Selling Author And Former England Lacrosse Player

Sarah Cooke

Berkhamsted’s Sarah Cooke on how her life has evolved from playing lacrosse for England to becoming a best-selling author and High Performance Business Coach Were you a sporty child? For as long as I can remember I’ve been active and have always had an interest in sports – both watching as well as participating. My […]

Why EYES On St Albans Will Change How You Look At Eyewear

EYES on St Albans

Absolutely Hertfordshire meets Jez Levy, the man behind EYES on St Albans, which offers a refreshing approach to your eyecare needs What is your background in eyecare? My background in the eyewear and eyecare business spans 38 years, starting as a spectacle frame warehouse lad in St Albans after being refused Sixth Form entry into […]